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Power Wrestling
Notes On Jeff Hardy/TNA Status

After missing flights when travelling to work for TNA, this resulted in a phone call from Jeff Jarrett during his first night with the company, Jeff Hardy then went on to miss more flights during his return visit.

A source reports that Hardy was scheduled for an early flight, but waited to take the last available flight that arrived in Nashville in time for his appearance on the July 21 pay-per-view. He also caused a commotion the following morning when he overslept and had to be awakened by a wrestler that TNA officials sent to check on Hardy. Hardy was scheduled to accompany the crew to Orlando for the Impact tapings, so his tardiness held up the bus that takes the crew to the airport by at least a half-hour.

This resulted in several wrestlers within TNA becoming frustrated with Hardy's tardiness and complained openly about it while waiting on the bus. Apparently Monty Brown was the most vocal of the bunch, as he was concerned that the breakfast he had ordered (the TNA crew typically orders breakfast from a Nashville wafflehouse to eat on the bus that takes them to the airport) was going to be cold.

Brown may have also been upset because TNA officials informed him that they want him to put Hardy over at the next pay-per-view. According to wrestlers within the company, Hardy is quiet and somewhat awkward backstage.

"He's weird," said one wrestler. "He's like Teddy Hart minus the pretentiousness, but he does have a rock star aura about him." Another source added that Hardy "has a great deal of talent, but he's totally uninspired."

However, on a plus side TNA wrestlers were pleased that Hardy was not given the special treatment that other big name wrestlers often receive from the company. He stayed at the same hotel as the other wrestlers, which is a change from some of the bigger names the company has used in the past. The word backstage at Impact was that management is so concerned about keeping Hardy in line that they've assigned someone the task of making sure he gets up on time in the morning and isn't doing anything too out of the ordinary on night’s before shows.