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Power Wrestling


Height: 6 foot 7
Weight: 380 pounds
From: Boston
Finishing Move: Train Wreck, Derailer
Career Highlights: Intercontinental Champion

As physical a wrestler as you’ll ever see, A-Train is a world class athlete that likes to hurt people. A standout football player at the University of Pittsburgh, he signed to play with the San Diego Chargers before turning his focus to sports entertainment. He learned the fundamentals at Killer Kowalski’s training camp and began competing in 1997 in the New England area. He made his WWE debut as Prince Albert in 1999, teaming with Darren “Droz” Drozdov. For a time, he competed mainly in tag-team competition, pairing with several different partners. In April 2001, he decided to go solo for a while, simply being called Albert. His decision paid off two months later, when he took a major step forward by defeating Kane for the Intercontinental Championship. After losing the title, he returned to tag-team competition as a favorite of the fans for a few months, but in April 2002, he again decided to focus on singles competition. His mean streak soon returned, and the behemoth let his rage do his talking. He has stormed through challengers like Chris Benoit, the Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and John Cena.

After competing on SmackDown! for the better part of his career, he now plies his trade on Monday Night RAW. The RAW Superstars will now get to see exactly why it is appropriate that he is called the A-Train. For their sake, they better not stand too close to the track when this runaway locomotive makes a run toward championship gold.  (excerpt from

My Prediction: A-train will make a slow return to the roster sometime this year on heat then come to raw as a mid-card wrestler that will make the other superstars look better in the ring than they auctually are.