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Power Wrestling
Al Snow


Height: 6 foot
Weight: 234 pounds
From: Lima, Ohio
Finishing Move: Snow Plow
Career Highlights: Head trainer on Tough Enough series; European Champion; Hardcore Champion; World Tag Team Champion

In the ring and at the announcer’s booth, Al Snow’s wacky antics and obsession with a mannequin head have made him one of the most charismatic Superstars in WWE history. Snow combined his bizarre behavior with toughness and excellent in-ring technical skills to become one of the most feared Hardcore Champions to ever hold the title. As Hardcore Champion, he had no problem putting his body on the line, doing whatever it took to retain the title. One of his more unique moves was sending a bowling ball “up the middle” of his opponent. As European Champion, he traveled across Europe and represented different European nations in each match. One week he came dressed in a kilt with bagpipes, another week saw him with a top hat, cane, and a fake curly mustache, mimicking an Englishman.

Snow was then tapped to become the head trainer of the WWE’s reality series: "Tough Enough." Snow’s many years in the ring made him one of the perfect choices to run this operation. He quickly became one of the most popular and most recognized WWE Superstars through his award-winning work on the show.

After a successful run on “Tough Enough, ” where he was a key figure in the development of several WWE Superstars, Snow took on a new role next to Jonathan Coachman as an announcer on Sunday Night HEAT. The duo became successful so fast that that being HEAT announcers was not enough for them. They challenged Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler for control of the Monday Night RAW announcing duties. For two weeks , the hottest voices of HEAT enjoyed being the RAW announce team, however, they had to relinquish their new positions back to J.R. and The King when Coachman lost a match to J.R.

Although Al Snow spends more time sitting at the announcing table instead of putting people (or himself) through them, whenever his entrance theme: “What Does Everybody Want?” hits, WWE fans everywhere still shout the appropriate response out of respect to this WWE Superstar.  (excerpt from