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Power Wrestling


Height: 6 foot 5 
Weight: 317 pounds
From: Washington, D.C.
Career Highlights: World Tag Team Champion

When Triple H and Ric Flair went looking for a muscular enforcer for Evolution, they didn’t have to look far. They chose the massive Batista, a fierce-looking gladiator whose muscles look as though they were chiseled from granite.

During his short time in WWE, Batista has made great strides and shows tremendous promise for future domination. A relative newcomer who was trained by the legendary Wild Samoan and former World Tag Team Champion, Afa, Batista has quickly established himself as a World Title contender.

Originally an enforcer for D-Von Dudley, this massive man plays second fiddle to no one. He has scored victories over Kane, and left Chris Benoit unconscious in the ring.

Having learned from the best, Ric Flair and Triple H, he now displays the smarts to go along with his overwhelming power. Batista won his first championship when he teamed with Flair to defeat the Dudleys — the most decorated tag champs of all time — for the World Tag Team Championship at Armageddon 2003. As one of the most promising Superstars on RAW, and one of the most impressive physical specimens in the sport’s history, Batista clearly has the potential to dominate like few before him. (Excerpt from

My Prediction: He will gain the Intercontinental title sometime this year and towards the end of the year get a World Title Shot on Raw or a Pay-Per-view (more than likely Raw). And only continue to get better.