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Power Wrestling
Christopher Nowinski


Height: 6 foot 5
From: Chicago
Career Highlights: Hardcore Champion

Christopher Nowinski is the only Harvard University graduate in World Wrestling Entertainment. A three-year letterman and two-year starter as a defensive tackle for the Crimson, he enrolled at a Killer Kowalski’s training school soon after graduating in 2000.

Not too long afterward, a fellow Harvard alum informed Nowinski that WWE was starting a new reality show called "Tough Enough." Nowinski made a videotape, sent it in and was selected for to participate in the show’s inaugural season. Although he did not win the competition, he impressed WWE officials and continued training toward his goal of becoming a WWE Superstar. In 2002, his hard work paid off as he made it to the big leagues. He immediately established himself as a WWE Superstar by winning the Hardcore Championship.

The numerous collisions he suffered through the years while playing football eventually caught up to him in the wrestling ring, and after suffering a severe concussion, he has no longer been able to compete. These days, Nowinski can be found using his smarts as an active member of WWE’s SmackDown Your Vote! campaign. He promotes this non-partisan partnership that encourages young people to get involved in the political process and to actively vote. In addition, Nowinski also promotes active reading after school hours and reading during the summer.

The jury is still out whether this gridiron great and promising grappler will return to the ring. If he does, there’s little question that he will be a force. If he doesn’t, you can be sure that he’ll remain a vital part of the WWE family. (excerpt from

My Prediction: He will never wrestle again.