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Power Wrestling
Chuck Polumbo


Height: 6 foot 5
Weight: 255 pounds
From: San Diego, Calif.
Finishing Move: Superkick
Career Highlights: WWE Tag Team Champion; WCW Tag Team Champion

Chuck Palumbo is no stranger to wrestling with champions. Best known as a tag-team specialist, he won the WCW Tag Team Championship on four occasions, as well as capturing the World Tag Team Championship.

Palumbo first made a name for himself by “invading” WCW with a faction called the New Blood, a group of young stars looking to make WCW their playground. Palumbo and his cohorts formed a team known as the Natural Born Thrillers and went on to establish themselves as serious players in the industry. Upon joining World Wrestling Entertainment, Palumbo became part of the WCW-ECW Alliance that tore through the ranks of WWE. When the forces of WWE vanquished the upstart invaders, Palumbo, quickly seized an opening by teaming with Billy Gunn and enlisting the “fashionable services” of Rico. Together they pulled off the publicity stunt of the decade with their “commitment ceremony.” Gunn and Palumbo eventually won the World Tag Team Championship on two occasions. Before coming to RAW in the draft lottery of 2004, he was a member of the ruthless and cunning FBI.

Palumbo is a phenomenal athlete and great things are expected of him. In the past, he found success teaming with others, but don’t be surprised if this thoroughbred sets off on his own and establishes himself as one of the best wrestlers in the sport. (excerpt from

My Prediction: I think he will continue to wander aimlessley on Heat for the rest of the year while they try to fish up a gimmik for him.