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Power Wrestling


Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 240 pounds


All of his life, Eugene wanted to become a WWE Superstar. Earlier this year, his dream came true, when his uncle, Eric Bischoff, begrudgingly gave him an opportunity to appear on Monday Night RAW. Without ever looking back, the loveable Louisville native put together an impressive resume, and in the process, won over the hearts of millions of fans, whom he likes to refer to as his “friends.”

Initially pegged as a surefire failure by his maniacal uncle, Eugene was given William Regal as a mentor/manager. Bischoff hoped that the straight-laced Englishman would break his mischievous nephew, and cause him to leave the company. He was wrong. Bischoff also thought that throwing Eugene in a match with little training would convince him to try finding another occupation. Once again, he was amiss.

The incomparable Eugene seems to make a habit out of overcoming incredible odds. During his first four RAW matches, the special Superstar went undefeated, pulling off a surprising victory against Rob Conway in his debut, and upsetting Kane a few weeks later. He’s also headlined RAW in a brutal battle against Triple H, and challenged Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship. Some have even claimed that had Evolution not interfered, Eugene would have captured the prize.

While Eugene continues to gain valuable experience in the ring, he is also learning that there are only a handful of RAW Superstars he can trust. Unfortunately for Eugene, he had to learn this lesson the hard way. Evolution pretended to be his friend for almost a month, and even made him an honorary member, before turning on him, and leaving him beaten and helpless in a puddle of his own blood.

Following the attack, it was said that Eugene had given up, and would no longer be appearing on RAW, but as usual, the prodigy rebounded, and came back stronger than ever. Now, his main focus is on gaining redemption.

My Prediction: Simply put, the fanfare will only get bigger for Eugene.