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Power Wrestling


Height: 5 foot 5
Career Highlights:
Women's Champion

Ivory has done it all in her five-plus years with WWE; the durable Diva has been a valet, an announcer, a trainer, and grappler, and a three-time Women’s Champion.

In 1999, Ivory came to WWE as a valet, but within no time at all, she found herself in the mix of the women’s division. That June, she captured the Women’s Championship for the first time. In October, she traded the title back and forth with the legendary Fabulous Moolah, and in 2000, she defeated Lita for the prize, and held it for five months.

Between the ropes, the former Gorgeous Lady of Wrestling Superstar is a threat, and one of the toughest females to ever lace up a pair of boots. She’s got the strength, skills and attitude it takes to be the best at whatever she tries, including non-wrestling activities.

Since her last title reign, the spunky starlet has juggled many different careers within WWE. She served as a trainer for the Tough Enough reality series, and is currently the voice of The WWE Experience, alongside Todd Grisham, on Sunday mornings. Perhaps only time will tell if she is planning yet another comeback, or if her ring days are behind her.  (excerpt from

My Prediction: As for the rest of the year is concerned, she's stuck with Todd Grisham.