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Power Wrestling

Major Details On Brock Lesnar


Even though Lesnar has been signed for Vikings training camp, there is no guarantee he will make the final roster. If things do not work out in Minnesota, it is very likely that his football career will be over, since it would be hard to get another franchise to take him on at that point.

With that in mind, some wonder if Brock might possibly make a WWE return. As far as this reporter has heard, Brock will inevitably consider returning to WWE, for financial reasons at the very least. He still would have qualms about the rough schedule.

Although Brock had a reputation for being conservative with money when it came to small purchases, he also went out and bought many large "toys," taking advantage of his comfortable financial situation in WWE. One observer claims he was also negligent, to a degree, with paying taxes, so likely ended up owing the government a significant amount of money in April.

In the opinion of those backstage, WWE would undoubtedly be interested in working with Lesnar again, since he has become such a hot subject in the mainstream sports media. However, many are of the opinion that Vince would not be generous in terms of giving Brock a reduced schedule, at least not for anything near the salary Brock was receiving before leaving for the NFL.