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Power Wrestling

Update On X-Pac Returning To WWE


With rumors circulating lately concerning Sean Waltman's possible return to WWE, there is a lot of feeling amongst those in the business that Waltman shouldn't rush right back into WWE when he gets out of rehab. Rather, the thought is that Waltman should work on the indy scene for a while when he gets out of rehab, which would be beneficial to him in the long run.

When Eddie Guerrero worked on the indy scene back in 2002 he held up very well following rehab, turning down wrestlers when they wanted him to party with them. The feeling is that if Waltman shows the same type of commitment, and if his work and reports on him are good then he'll be given the job. The reason for this speculation is due to the fact that if Waltman is given a deal just because he went through rehab, without proving himself, is not a good thing, especially when a lot of Waltman's friends feel that he shouldn't be in the wrestling business anyway.